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Hello world! I come in anger and bearing humor for survivors, the bullied, and everybody else.

Tired of advice and practical tips that are, quite frankly, horrible advice and not so practical tips? Tired of working at a job that sucks out your soul and pays next to nothing? Had enough of hearing about how the economy is getting better, but you still cannot find a job? Do you sometimes wish that you could call lightning from the sky, or, at least, slap someone to shock them back into reality? Are you a survivor? You know, someone who has had life knock the snot out of you, time after time, but you still get up and throw haymakers? Do bullies make you want to scream because no one should be made miserable simply because they exist? Are you tired of answering question after question in my introduction? Then this blog is the blog for you.

Most of the content will be humorous, but there will always be a little bit of truth hidden in each post that will be helpful in one’s life (in this first post, not so much). I look forward to bringing a little humor in your life in an absurd world and talking to you daily. In the meantime check out some of my Hubs at

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