My baby avatar(s).

Recently, I was asked if the picture (s) I use, as an avatar, is my son. The answer is no, but I do have some wonderful pictures of him that I could use. This is the most un-macho thing that I have ever written, but I love babies. Babies, to me, represent hope. They mean that God has not given up on us yet. I know that many babies live terrible lives, but I do not blame God for that. I blame an absurd universe. One can say the universe is absurd because there is no God, or because the fall of man ruined a perfect world. In either case, having any one suffer is God’s will; however, this blog posting is not about God.

I chose the two baby avatars that I use because they express two different emotions or things to me. The picture that I use as my profile picture represents me, trying to project a no nonsense attitude, I am either giving it to you straight, or I want you to give it to me straight.

The baby that I use for this blog represents me thinking, and it also represents me having a child like wonder. It know it sounds super corny, but I am what I am (both God and Popeye have said that quote, so I am in good company).

In closing, I know that this was not my best entry, so if you want a good chuckle or to check out my Hubpages at

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