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Fear is in the air.


Will he be knocking at your door anytime soon?

Now that most people know that the MAYAN calendar goes way past 2012, everyone can now relax, right? I would not be too hasty with my answer. Now people are afraid of “bath salts” causing zombie like behavior, and hairless apes are afraid that the earth may be reaching a tipping point.

The bath salts drugs causing cannibalistic behavior is disturbing, but if one is bitten by a person hopped up on this junk, one does not become a zombie. True you could die, and having someone trying to eat you alive is worse than watching a political debate, but zombies will not be taking over the earth anytime soon; however, the earth may be reaching a tipping point.

The earth has reached tipping points before, and the term seems to be synonymous with mass extinction events. The earth going through such a drastic change during our lifetimes is scary stuff; however, scientist warned us decades ago that we were heading into a new Ice Age, and the scientists were wrong. I do believe that we monkeys are hurting the environment, but scientist do tend to be over dramatic from time to time.

In any event, before everyone stared freaking out about the Mayan calendar and zombies, we all were going to die because of radiation leaked from the damaged Japanese reactors. I thought that I might have a real chance to develop super powers, but I ended up wasting a lot of time trying to climb walls like Spiderman.

Before everyone thought the world was going to end because of radiation, everyone thought the world was going to die because of the Bird Flu or H1N1. The world became freaked out, people started hoarding supplies that were badly needed elsewhere, and nothing happened.

So, what is your point, Yoda of the blogging universe? My point is that people worry too much about things that they can do little about, but let us assume you are ready for one of these tragic events. Would you be willing to turn women, children, and men away asking for help, knowing they were going to die? If you are, I did write an article about what you should have in your Doomsday kit (Hey, I am not dead yet).

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June 13, 2012 · 4:25 am